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Local Projects

local ewb lehigh valley projectsEngineers Without Borders – Lehigh Valley Professional Chapter is involved with many local nonprofit organizations to enhance community within the Lehigh Valley. Our projects cover energy efficiency, sustainability, education, economic growth, civil projects, health, and more. Our aim is to help the Lehigh Valley community to grow so that all of the members in Lehigh Valley can live a life that promotes well being, safety, and opportunity.

  • Some of the projects that we have been involved in are those that help low-income families with their homes. We refurbished their homes. We painted homes that needed it, fixed the flooring, reinstalled plumbing fixtures, cleaned the roofs and gutters, and more. Projects like these help promote the well being of these low-income families to ensure that their homes are a safe place to live.
  • Other local projects that we have been involved in help families with supplies for their babies. Supplies include cribs, blanketing, car seats, diapers, formula, and more. The parents may not be able to afford these supplies. We partner with a local nonprofit organization to help provide supplies for babies that need them.
  • Some local projects involve maintaining landscape trails, clearing of brush, and mapping. We partner with¬†nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to the preservation of land.

ewb lehigh valley projects

Many of our local projects are a collaboration with a nonprofit organization to help promote the lives of those who reside in the Lehigh Valley. Our members offer their time and energy to help enhance the efforts of these local non-profits.