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The Importance and Value of Green Transportation

green transportationAs the term suggests, green transportation is a system does that takes you from point A to point B without the need of burning fuel or using any other source that adversely affects the environment. While technology brings us all sorts of remarkable things, most of which are intended to give us convenience and comfort, there also are undeniable negative effects. When man first thought about creating transportation that allows him to quickly go somewhere, the idea was quite basic. But much has changed today. Horses and carts no longer are as useful since we rely on fuel-fed vehicles as the primary means of transportation. It is true that vehicles with engines indeed provide faster and more comfortable transportation, but we are starting to feel the negative effects on using gas and petrol in running them.

With rising fuel prices plus the fact that the environment continues to suffer from carbon emissions and the collection of greenhouse gases, it makes sense if you start thinking about going green, not just in how you live, but also in how you travel.

Types of Green Transportation

The notion that green transportation is not practical since there are a limited number of options is quite untrue. In fact, there are more than a handful of ways you can get to your office from home without contributing to carbon emissions and eventually, global warming. For starters, walking and cycling make sense if you are not that far away from where you go to on a daily basis. Those two types of green transportation even encourage a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Aside from them, there also are other options like scooters, electric bikes, car or ride sharing, or hybrid and electric vehicles.

In the not-so-distant future, we expect to lean more towards the use of sustainable sources of energy for fueling different modes of transportation. It isn’t a stretch to dream about public transportation like buses and trains powered by biofuel, hydrogen, or even solar energy. These energy sources are obviously eco-friendlier compared to gas and petrol derived from fossil fuels.

Why Green Transportation Is Important

The main reason why you should start building concern over the excessive use of fossil fuels for transportation is that it is killing the environment and the planet at a rapid pace. As we increasingly build dependence to gas and petrol, Earth becomes the victim.

Hence, there is a huge sense of urgency in switching to green transportation since it is the only way to ensure the Earth remains a habitable planet for years to come. Likewise, fossil fuels are not infinite, which means they most likely will run out sooner that you think.

But the more pressing issue is that the continued reliance on fossil fuel for transportation puts all of us at risk. You probably do not make a big deal out of it for the moment, plus you just cannot welcome the idea of not having to use your car. After all, it is part of human nature to think of his comfort and convenience before anything else.

The good news though is that green transportation is readily available. It is just a matter of when are you going to finally decide to commit to it. The thing is there is literally no cost or expense involved, only the dedication to make the change for a better world for future generations. For one, riding a bicycle instead of your car at least three times a week is a good enough starting point. You do not have to make that drastic transition. But just imagine if millions of other people follow the same transition. It would mean a significant reduction in the use of petrol and gas.

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