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The Value of Safe and Sanitary Water Supply to Health

While you enjoy clean drinking water and safe water supply, the same cannot be said for millions of people from other parts of the word. While there is a lot of concern and given publicity to some environmental issues like air pollution and global warming, some populations, especially in third world countries suffer a far more disconcerting and alarming problem, and it is the fact that they suffer from a wide range of diseases and illnesses due to the lack of safe and sanitary water supply.

When it comes to global health, safe water supplies and hygienic sanitation are fundamental. The reason why millions of people, including children, suffer from many different types of diseases is the lack of both. The access to clean and safe water is something that is guaranteed in our country, but a tenth of the global disease burden found in other continents is attributed to the lack of access to that same clean and safe water.

Since water is an indispensable component of promoting health, the lack of it therefore contributes to global health deterioration. It actually is kind of unfair that the more developed and industrialized countries talk about advocating campaigns to combat global warming, but most of them do not care about the most basic of needs, which is access to water. The thing is it really does not cost that much compared to fighting greenhouse and carbon emissions to do the following:

  • Increase access to safe drinking water
  • Improve hygiene and sanitation
  • Improve water management, the purpose of which is to effectively reduce the risk of developing water-borne diseases

If only the entire world has access to safe and sanitary water supply, the following would be easily prevented:

  • 500,000 deaths attributed to malaria
  • 1.4 million children dying because of diarrhea
  • 860,000 children perishing due to malnutrition
  • And almost 300,000 people dying because of drowning

Not a lot of people realize that more than 10 million people all over the world suffer from serious incapacity due to water-related health problems, particularly trachoma and filariasis. All those facts above are disturbing enough for just about anyone to rethink how he or she views the world. For those living in comfortable and sanitary conditions like most parts of the U.S., this may not be as pressing and alarming of an issue compared to those who are in the frontlines of the problem. The sad fact about human nature is that if you do not suffer from the problem, you do not really care that much about solving it.

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If only more effort and focus is given to the improvement of water access and sanitation, everyone will benefit from it in the long run. It really is not a stretch for governments to put in the effort because it is as simple as taking measures to build drinking water facilities in less-privileged areas, preventing drinking water contamination from human waste, and creating simple latrines in remote communities. The fact is there even is no need to incorporate high tech tools and machines just to provide safe and sanitary water supply. What those millions of people who do not have access need is some love and understanding from those who have the power and means to help them.

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