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Why You Should Consider a Green Home

Much has been said about going green. People from all walks of life think about it, but majority do not commit to it since it usually involves making a compromise when it comes to living a comfortable and convenient life. After all, there is no denying that for us to remain comfortable, we need to use all the conveniences readily available, and most of those things harm the environment in one way or another.

building a green homeWhile you think about the little steps you can take to go green, there is actually one substantial way of effectively reducing your contribution to environmental degradation. We’re talking about the concept of a green building or home.

You read a lot of stuff about home and property owners coming up with ways to convert their home or building into an eco-friendlier and energy-efficient structure. It is true that reducing your use of fossil fuel, water, and electricity at home leads to a significant contribution in helping the environment’s cause, but that’s about the only thing you can do. However, if you still are planning to build a new home, then it is high time to consider building a green one.

So what constitutes a green home? Well, for starters, it is simply building a not-so-typical structure that promotes energy-efficiency and the use of sustainable resources. For instance, there’s a type of green building that’s called an “earthship” home that completely relies on the sun and creating its own ideal temperature inside for the whole year. It is devoid of any heating or cooling system that uses fuel. But if an earthship is not practical to build in your area or you do not have the means, there are other ways to build a home that minimizes the reliance towards fossil fuels and other finite energy sources. For example, you install energy-efficient electrical appliances, LED lights, and heat your home using solar panels to harness the energy from the sun. Solar energy, when converted to electricity, can power water heaters, ceiling fans, and practically all electrical appliances.

A green building also encourages natural light to come in, thereby helping you save on cooling costs during the winter months. By inviting sunlight, you are in a way helping warm up your living space, thereby reducing the use of the heating system. Also, the installation of optical fiber lights for the rooms in the new house contributes to substantial savings in electrical expenses. You even can demand the installation of natural light reflectors so that direct sunlight enters your indoor space and you no longer have to use lights during the day.

At this point, you already have a comprehensive understanding as to why it means so much to try and build a green home instead of opting for a typical one. It is true that the upfront costs are higher, especially if you opt to install a solar energy system. However, the benefits you get are for the long run. You even can pass it on to your kids in the future. Just imagine living in a new house where you don’t feel guilty of being comfortable. You don’t waste energy; you also have a significantly reduced contribution to air and water pollution.

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